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NANCH Precision Screwdriver Set, 23-piece Review

This 22 precision screwdriver tool set by Nanch is probably one of the best precision tool set you will possibly own. The reviews on this set are all overwhelmingly positive and just about everyone who has bought one loves it. From professional techs to hobbyists this set has just about everything that you could ask for in a driver bit set. I’d advise you to seriously consider this one.

Not only does it come with very durable heads but it also comes with a telescoping handle for those hard to reach spots. The heads in this set are magnetized for extra convenience and to prevent the loss of small screws when you are working quickly.

The NANCH Precision Screwdriver Set, 23-piece is well designed, well stocked durable and the nice carry case makes it easy to find the right bit for the right job.



This set features 22 precision screwdriver bits that fit into a telescoping metal screwdriver handle. The set of 22 tips includes:

Philips heads, security Torx heads, Slotted heads, Hex heads, Pentalobe heads, Torx heads, Triangle heads, Y tri-wing head and an SP2 head. These high performance screw driver heads are made from good steel and they are heat treated for better performance and higher durability.

The driver bits are also extra-long for ease of handling and so that they can be used in precision work as small drivers on their own. They are stored in the carry case in such a way to make them easy to find when you need to switch out bits.

If you work on a lot of electronics like laptops these screwdriver heads can handle the abuse without wearing out and stripping the heads off the screws. The handle telescopes out letting you get into long, tight spaces.

The base of the handle is also free spinning for when you need to apply a little pressure but still need the handle to spin freely, which is a pretty cool feature I appreciate because it speeds up loosening fasteners. The magnetic heads make sure that you never drop a screw and we all know how much it sucks to drop a tiny electronics screw on the floor and it’ a big favorite feature of mine!


  • Durable Bits

These heads are very durable and can handle working on a large number of screws over a long period of time. They’re not going to strip the first time you use them and will last even if you use them constantly all day long taking apart laptops or phones, for example.

  • Large Variety of Bits

The set has a wide variety of heads for a number of applications. Just about every bit you would need when working on electronic or computers. It even has the security version of common heads so you can get into devices sporting tamper proof screws.

  • Telescoping Handle

The Telescoping handle is very convenient and lets you get into tight spaces where your hands could not get to. It also helps to be able to vary the length for your comfort when working.

  • Standard Sizes

The heads are standard sizes meaning they will fit most standard electronic devices. All of the heads are for standard size screws so you are not wasting money on driver heads you are rarely going to use.

  • Long Bits

The long bits that come with this set make for easy handling. They can even be used without the handle as small precision drivers themselves.

  • Good Warranty

Lifetime warranty against defects and breakage. If you break a head or the handle they will replace it free of charge.


  • Missing some specialty bits

While the kit has a wide variety of head it does not have every head you will ever need. Specifically it is missing the intermediate sized pentalobe bit needed for working on some Apple products.

  • Costly

The price point is a bit high but most reviews seem to think it is well worth it. If you want quality and dependability you are going to have to pay for it.


Overall this is a great quality set of driver bits that will work for just about any electronics or computer application you might find yourself working on. The bits are long, high quality, and durable while the handle has an easy grip and telescopes out for ease of use and convenience.

The bits are magnetic which can help when handling small electronics screws and making sure that you don’t drop them somewhere you will never find them again.

As you can see by the great reviews on Amazon even professional technicians use it very frequently in their work.  All though it’s more expensive for what it is, as the saying goes, “You pay for quality” and I agree!

If you want quality and variety, then you are going to pay more for it. While this NANCH Precision Screwdriver Set is expensive when compared to other similar sets it is definitely worth it.


  1. I purchased the 22 piece set a few months ago, Recently the small Philips head drivers head, OO#, broke off !!! ….. I bought this set based on the reviews PLUS the stainless steel construction. The issue now becomes how do I get a replacement driver? I am an RF Tech and use this set every day as the tools our company give us break easily ….. or am I SOL because they are in China ?

    • Hi John. It’s a good set, but things like that unfortunately do happen. I’ve had a similar issue before with other screwdrivers or miscellaneous tools.

      Just out of curiousity, what type of work were you doing when it broke?

      You might consider picking up a smaller set like this driver with bits. Have you had any luck looking for individual replacement bits? That’s what I would look for, but they’re a bit hard to find.

      If it’s a tool you use regularly and is subject to wear usually it’s a good idea to pick up extra bits. That’s what I do for my main Phillips driver bits I use often.

      Thanks for dropping by!

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