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GearWrench 80066 20 Piece Master Dual Material Screwdriver Set Review

Gear Wrench is a well-known manufacturer and produces a wide variety of tools and tool sets including this 20-piece screwdriver set. I believe this to be a product that provides you with quality tools at an affordable price. They’re know relatively well known in tool circles as a fine quality tool set manufacturer.

Gear Wrench has only been around since 1996 but has quickly made a name for itself among automotive techs and mechanics. While they started out making wrenches they have moved into other tools as well.


As more and more cars are produced outside of the United States then obviously mechanics will need more and more tools in the metric range of sizes. The set I’m reviewing today includes twenty screwdrivers with both imperial and metric tips. Each of the tips are magnetized black oxide for a superior grip with the screw head and prevent the screws from falling into a place where you would not be able to retrieve them.

The handles are made from both a rubber and plastic giving you a good grip that is both strong and comfortable. The screwdrivers have the sizes laser engraved into the metal shaft of the screwdriver blade.

They come in a sturdy plastic box that is well designed and keeps your tools nice and clean. The storage box itself is small and fits easily into a tool box or tool bag.

The ergonomic handles on the drivers are a good balance of strength and comfort and have a built in “speed zone” for lower torque applications. The hex shaped shanks means that you will never suffer from the metal slipping around in the handle.

You’ll always have a good snug fit between your grip on the handle and the blade of the screwdriver, which I’ve found to be pretty darn important when it comes to many jobs. Those same handles are made from materials that are oil and solvent resistant, ensuring that your handles will always give you a good, tight grip in even the dirtiest jobs.


  • Imperial and Metric Sizes

This set includes drivers with imperial and metric sizes. This helps when working on import cars and saves your drives from unnecessary wear and tear when you try to use imperial drivers on a metric screw head.

  • Comfortable Handles

These handles give you a strong grip and they are easy to use. The design prevents slipping even when your hands are sweaty and full of grime and grease. Developed alongside a leading university, their Tri-Lobe shaped handle offers three sides that provide the best grip with the least amount of effort.

  • Price

Good balance between price and quality means you do not have to sacrifice durability for price. Money is always tight and it is nice to have a set of tools that isn’t going to send you to the poor house.

  • Magnetic Tips

Magnetized tips are a pretty common feature in most modern screwdrivers. Magnetized tips allow you to handle screws in tight spaces and to make sure you don’t lose your screws. It also keeps you from losing them when you are up on a ladder or in an awkward position.

  • Superior Grip

Alongside the magnetized properties of the tips the blasted oxide outer coating give you a superior grip on the screw heads and prevent stripping. Definitely really important when taking screws out of items that have been over tightened.

  • Easy to Find the Right Tool

No more searching for the right size driver when you need one. The sizes of the drivers are laser etched onto the shaft so you can easily find the right driver for the job.

  • Durable Tips and Shaft

The tips and shaft are made from chrome and vanadium steel. This gives you a strong, durable tool that resists corrosion and breakage.


  • Handle Sizes lacking

It would be nice if the sizes of the tools were marked on the top of the handle in some way. Some folks store their drivers so that only the top of the handle is seen and not the blade or shaft of the driver.


Gear Wrench makes good quality products for what I’d consider an affordable price. If you want a good quality set of screwdrivers that can provide you with some comfortable and durable tools then the GearWrench 80066 20 Piece Master Dual Material Screwdriver Set is for you.

The wide variety of sizes covers most of the common applications. Since you have both metric and imperial sizes that means you will never be without the correct tool for the job even when working on import cars.

The storage tray is the perfect size for fitting in your tool bag and it will keep your tools clean and dry. The handles provide you with a strong but sure grip when you are working and the unique Tri-lobe design makes sure your grip stays strong even after a long day of turning screws in the garage.

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