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Craftsman 9-31794 Slotted Phillips Screwdriver Set, 17 Piece Review

Craftsman is a trusted name in tools, having made its tools in the US since 1927. The brand has won numerous awards for quality, craftsmanship and reader’s choice awards over the years, too.

The tools are sold all over the world and even the official tools of NASCAR. Suffice it to say that Craftsman knows how to make a great screwdriver. The Craftsman brand is actually owned by Sears and functions as the Sears house brand.

Sears does not manufacture its own tools but instead has them manufactured by others and then applies the Craftsman brand to the tool. Normally this might mean that tools from this brand could fluctuate in quality and durability. Sears has a longstanding policy of replacing defective or broken tools easily.

Just bring your tool into a Sears retailer and they will replace it on the spot with a new tool. You don’t need a receipt or proof of purchase just the broken Craftsman tool and you are good to go. Pretty great, huh?


This seventeen piece set of screwdrivers is essential for anyone’s tool kit and comes with enough sizes and lengths to handle just about any job you can think of where you need to tighten or loosen screws. The clear butyrate handles are designed to be durable and very strong.  (This type of handle “feels” good to the hand, and adds weight & a solid feel to the screwdriver – and is one of my favorite types)

The tools are very well balanced and the shape of the handles allow for a strong grip in your hand. They can take a beating on the job without breaking especially since each blade is also heat treated giving them good strength and durability. The Craftsman warranty means that any tool that breaks or is defective can be replaced for free.

You can never go wrong getting a Craftsman tool set and they will last you for decades. From my personal experience I’ve not regretted buying their tools and still own several that work great.  I can’t say the same for lesser brands I’ve bought in the past.


  • Good Durability

You can use these things as little pry bars and most of us have at one time or another. The heat treated shaft and tempered blades provide good durability and resists chipping or breaking of the driver head.

You really don’t want a screwdriver to crack or break when you are trying to get a job done, so don’t risk it with a cheap set of tools.

  • Strong, Slip -resistant Handles

Durable butyrate handle provides a strong grip and durable handle that prevents slipping while twisting. The shape of the handles works even when you are covered in dirt and grime and I’ve always been fond of this type of handle.

Whether you are wearing gloves or not the handles will give you a strong, secure grip on the driver in even the worst conditions.

  • Good Variety

Large number of sizes and lengths for any repair job you might find yourself doing at home or on your vehicle. With seventeen different drivers in the set you cover all of the basic needs you might have.

While it doesn’t have the specialty driver heads the vast majority of the time you would not need them.

  • Well Made Tools

Quality craftsmanship means the tools come straight and without defect. You won’t have a problem with cheap & poorly made tools that break the first time you use them when you use a Craftsman tool.

  • Full Lifetime Warranty

Full craftsman warranty means that if the tools are defective or break during a repair they will be replaced without charge. You do not need a receipt or proof of purchase.

Just walk into a Craftsman retailer or Sears store and exchange your broken or defective tool for a brand new one. With this warranty you only have to buy the tool once in your lifetime.


  • Non-magnetic Tips

While this is not a deal breaker it does take away from the convenience that magnetic tips provide. Magnetic tips would give you better handling of the screws and less worry about dropping them when up on a ladder or not being able to find them afterward. As for me, my preference is to keep at least one with the magnetic feature and the others can be with or without it so that I’m covered that way.


Sears and its Craftsman line of tools are known for their quality and that they last for decades. In the event one of the tools breaks or is defective, the the Sears Craftsman Warranty will replace any defective or broken tool free of charge. Definitely a BIG plus! The Craftsman 9-31794 Slotted Phillips Screwdriver Set provides enough diversity to cover most common needs and can really add to any set of tools they belong to.

There are enough sizes and variety in heads that you will not need another screwdriver set unless you need precision or specialty work done. For most Do-it-yourself, home and vehicle applications this set will likely be what you need.

The warranty is really the selling point with these tools. No matter how well made your tools are people can always find new ways to break them. But in this case you know you can get a new one without any hassle.

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