The Different Types of Screwdrivers and Screws

Drawer full of various screwdrivers imageIt’s hard to even begin to comprehend how much standardized fasteners and hand tools have changed the modern world. Let’s dig a bit deeper and I’ll share with you the things you need to know when it comes to understanding screwdrivers, screws, and the various screwdriver bits you can use to help you get jobs done.

Screwdrivers have been around since the 15th century but didn’t really become quite so commonplace until the industrial revolution. With the invention of automated industrial processes the creation of reliable & uniform screws become possible.

Until the automation of screw manufacturing each screw had to be handmade and that made each screw unique and for a specific application. Once screws could reliably be manufactured to exacting specifications then the screwdriver would become an integral part of every tool chest.

I’ll start with ones you’re most likely to need in everyday use both on the job or around the home. To keep things clear, I’ll show you both the screwdrivers and the screws in order to help you understand more.

Common Screwdrivers and Screw Types


A picture of Phillips head and Posidriv screws and screwdrivers

A Phillips head screwdriver (left) and a Pozidriv screwdriver (right)

Flathead (Slotted)

Flat head screwdriver with a matching slotted screw

Flat head screwdriver with a matching slotted screw


Image of allen wrench sets Image of allen screws

Hex Cap

Image of a hex cap screw


Image of Torx screws

Image of a Torx screwdriver

Other Less Common Types



Frearson screwdriver and screwdriver image

Robertson (square)

Image of a square head (Robertson) screw

A Robertson (square) head screw


An image of 12 point screws

Security Hex Socket

Image of security hex screw

Security Torx

Image of a security Torx screw


Image of a TA screwdriver bit and a TA screw

A TA driver bit (left) and a TA screw (right)


Image of a tri wing screwdriver


Image of a torq set screw and bit

Spanner Head

Image of a spanner head screw and screwdriver


Image of a clutch drive screwdriver


Tamper Resistant One-Way

Image of one-way security screws

Double Square

Image of a double square screw

Triple Square

Image of a triple square screw


Image of a poly drive screw

Spline Drive

Image of a spline drive screw

Double Hex

Image of a double hex drive screw


Image of a Bristol head screw


Image of a pentalobe screwdriver


There’s a lot of different fasteners out there, but basically only a relative few that you’ll commonly need to be concerned with. Screws have specific applications depending on the type of engineering they are a part of. Most types are made to either deal with high torque, resist over tightening of screws, or made specifically to resist being removed or being tampered with.

Many tool sets will have just the basic types of screwdrivers for the most common applications while a few others will have a wider range of types specifically for electronics.

I recommend that unless you’re only needing a specific type of screwdriver for now, I recommend you pick up the following in order to be prepared for most common types of fastener removal or installation:

Have any questions, ideas, or still confused? Let me know here!


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